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This is Toni

This is Toni

I see and feel the psyche of leaders and organizations...

Toni is a true global citizen with a 25-year record of innovation, collaboration, and performance as a creative maven, strategist, entrepreneur, and event producer.

She is a conduit for curating dynamic brand experiences with emerging and iconic businesses across four continents, navigating a vast array of cultures, mindsets, and complex business challenges. 

Her sweet spot is the ability to understand, translate and express an organization's vision and mission with clarity and purpose. 

Toni provides the tools for visionary leaders and organizations to uncover the need, see opportunities, and make lasting change in the corporate world.


Channeling past experience, highly-attuned intuition, and an engaging, investigative style of inquiry, Toni will lead your organization and its members on a journey of transformation and expansion.

This is Toni

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audit and align the psyche of leaders and organizations... 

In Collaboration With The Council

Toni's personally curated team of independent experts from her past
collaborations and engagements are devoted to the vision of global transformation.

The Council's own accomplishments, insights and well honed skills support any gaps in expertise 
exposed by the audit and 
contribute to the transformation work on as-needed basis.

Their mastery in all areas of business and industry ranges from creative strategy, organizational
change management, data intelligence and analysis, media production and brand development,
customer and sales activity, many forms of wellness practices along with personal and group development. 

The Council's members are grouped into the following categories which allows us to collectively tune in
thoroughly navigate the cross currents of
commercial and consumer eco systems in order to advise leaders

how to use the energy of the resources they have at the finger tips in alignment with their vision.








In auditing the psyche, The Council we connect with the heart of an organization.That is where the energy and the passion live. The life of any organization relies on its energy pipeline to flow smoothly.Think of us as helping to bring fluidity and ease.  
Toni Short The Transformation

We advise leaders on

internal change and transformation across all aspects of the enterprise

and its operations

How do the insights, the "ah hahs", and pathways become clear?


Our advisory services begin with a series of deep investigations into the intricacies of the energy and energetic imprint leaders and their organizations put out into the world.

This safe and respectful process will illuminate where there are opportunities for change, growth, and fulfillment.  It will also identify where there are blocks or impediments to forward motion.


The audit provides a blueprint for transformation to ensure energetics are aligned both internally, and externally, with the greater good. This, in turn, opens up endless personal and professional possibilities for an enterprise to realize its vision and achieve its goals.

By auditing the psyche, we connect with the heart of an organization. That is where the energy
and the passion live.  The life of any organization relies on its energy pipeline to flow smoothly.  

Think of The Transformational Council as helping to bring fluidity and ease to your business and it's people through insight and transformational truth.  

The best vision is insight. 

--Malcolm Forbes 

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